Volunteering with the CHDFS empowers you to be an important part in creating the change we envision for children, individuals, families, and the community. Be a part of the change, be engaged, and get involved! To learn how you can get involved and volunteer, scroll down to our "volunteer" section or contact Sobeida Valdez at (212) 695-4564.


Donate Online

At CHDFS we rely on donations from people like you to help provide for the needs of the people we serve. Our programs provide a great service yet there is still more we can do. Help us in taking the next step. We’d like to make it easy and convenient for you to donate, so please reach out to us to make a secure donation to our cause. Thank You for your support.


CHDFS thanks the many generous companies—both local and national—who support its mission to help children, families, and individuals strive towards the betterment of their community and themselves. Some examples of how corporations have helped include budgeting and money management workshops, fundraising, supply donations, sponsored events for children, and other generous gifts. At CHDFS we like to develop meaningful relationships with the corporations who support us through donations, partnerships, and linkages. Click on the link above learn how your company can get involved in supporting CHDFS, Inc.


Giving: Food & Goods

Better Meals, Fewer Hungry. Warm Clothes, Warmer Nights. Millions of Americans struggle with hunger and poverty. Many are working families, children and the elderly. Give hope to families and hope to communities. Give the gift of a meal to eat, and goods to own. At CHDFS we believe in having the most comprehensive approach in helping individuals and families in need. Even a single meal can be the difference.


Giving Toys

To inspire, spark creativity, aid in development, and to just have fun. Give the gift of laughter and joy to a child or family in need. Play is an essential need that is a part of youth development. Many essential skills are learned during transformative years of our youth and should never be hindered due to means. Bring a smile to a child’s face by providing any gift you can give.