In 2013, CHDFS was awarded a partnership with the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) new Parent Advocate Program. The goal of the program is to offer parents support and advocacy during Initial Child Safety Conferences. CHDFS ensures that Parent Advocate Services are provided in a way that maintains a child’s safety and preserves a family’s integrity.

Our parent advocates are dedicated to providing their service as a bridge between ACS and the family. All of our Parent Advocates bring a set of experiences that serve to raise the level of professional expertise already gained by intense and rigorous trainings – all to support a child or family in need. CHDFS Parent Advocates have proven their dedication towards those we serve and will continue our standard of excellence so children and families can advocate for their needs. Duties of a Parent Advocate include:

• Familiarizing parents with child welfare policies and procedures.
• Providing information about viable neighborhood-based resources.
• Empowering parents to fully understand the process in order to articulate concerns.
• Engaging with parents to listen to their concerns about issues that place their child at risk of foster placements.


Any Caregiver/Family taking part in an Initial Child Safety Conference (ICSC) can receive the support of a Parent Advocate. 

Contact OUR Parent AdvocateS

To learn more about the Parent Advocate Program, please contact Nancy Parker – Parent Advocate Director, Karen Lipkind – Parent Advocate Coordinator (Manhattan/Staten Island), or Oscar Rios – Parent Advocate Coordinator (Bronx) at (212) 695-4564. You can also send us a message!