Program Overview

CHDFS, Inc. is joining a statewide initiative adopting a new Medicaid service model called ''Health Home'' that allows all of a child’s caregivers to communicate with one another so that the child’s diverse needs are addressed in a comprehensive way. This is done primarily through Care Management Agencies, or “care manager”, like CHDFS who oversee and provide access to all of the services a child needs to stay healthy, out of the emergency room, and out of the hospital, and to achieve a bright, successful future in the long term.

Service and supports included in this model are: Foster Care & Adoption, Preventive Services, Case Management, Mental Health, Substance Use Treatment, HIV/AIDS Prevention & Treatment, Schools & Educational Programs, After School & Summer Enrichment Programs, and Job Development.

Below are some of the services that will be provided through or along side the Health Home model. To see how this program can support you, contact our team at 212-695-4564 or leave us a message here.

Care Management

CHDFS is a Care Management Agency who provides services and support through the Health Home Program. Our team called “care managers” ensures that you or your loved one has the services they need to support their care, such as:

  • appointments with healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, counselors, mental health providers, substance abuse providers, etc)
  • medications
  • a safe place to live
  • insurance to pay for care and services
  • transportation to your appointments

Our care managers work with you to set up a care plan so you receive the services that best match your needs that work towards goals to support your care, healing, and improvement towards your well-being.

Wellness Services

Our wellness services are designed to help children and youth develop positive social-emotional functioning (from early childhood to adulthood) to prevent the development of serious behavioral health and health conditions, restore appropriate developmental functioning and establish/maintain healthy relationships. To accomplish the vision and goals, the following services will be implemented:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Community Psychiatric Supports & Treatment
  • Family Peer Support Services
  • Youth Peer Advocacy and Training
  • Psycho-social Rehabilitation Services
  • Other Licensed Practitioner Services

Our providers ensure that services are trauma informed, and take into consideration the child and families’ strengths, needs, and any history that may have affected their ability to cope or self-advocate.

Home & Community Based Services

CHDFS has a number of programs providing Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) specializing in different areas or needs. HCBS services are designed so that individuals receiving service work towards accomplishing milestones towards areas that pose a particular challenge relating to a diagnosis or life-skill they have yet to learn. Services covered by our HCBS programs include:

  • Respite Services
  • Skill Building
  • Family/Caregiver Support Services
  • Community Advocacy and Supports
  • Prevocational Services
  • Supported Employment
  • Crisis Management and Training
  • Intensive In-Home Services and Support
  • Habilitation Services, and more…